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A Last Letter

Hi Mary,

I am so sorry to report that Sandy passed on to the Rainbow Bridge last Monday night.

Bless her heart, she was such a very special girl. She was part of my family for almost 2 years, and she made such an impression. Always happy and cooperative, very adaptable, so appreciative of anything given to her. At first she kept to herself most of the time, lying on her bed in the bedroom (as in the photo on your site). But slowly her trust in me evidently built and she began coming to me asking for attention and following me into other rooms. She never demanded anything but would gently nudge my arm for a scratch or rub. She loved her grooming sessions, and she always dominated the dog house along with Sophie the cat. During her time with me she made 8 trips to Orlando, 5 to Savannah, 2 to Alabama and 2 to Virginia, plus she spent summers at the beach.
After helping her up into the car, she was always content to be along for the ride. She knew the routine: once we stopped for gas, the dogs' responsibility was to get out, do their business, drink water, and get back in quickly to hit the road once again. She always did her part.

She was much loved. And she was never alone; Maverick (8 yr old golden) and Cullie (2 yr old mix) were always nearby, plus Sophie who regularly bathed her face.

Thank goodness she did not have to endure a long illness. She was doing fine Monday when I left for work. When I returned, she'd had a stroke, was breathing very hard, and could not move. Mercifully she passed on her own a short time later. I was with her the whole time.

I remember so well that July day when I picked her up at your house. We loaded her into the car with Cullie and I drove on another 9 hours to Alabama. She was a pleasant companion from the start, becoming fast friends with Cullie. They played like pups for months until her old creaky bones couldn't take rough play anymore.

Rest assured that saving Sandy was one of the greatest missions of your rescue. She deserved all the effort expended on her, and she lived her last days as part of a loving family who truly appreciated her.