serves South Carolina from the midlands area. For more information contact:

Mary Williams
PO Box 3545
Columbia, SC 29230-3545

This page is dedicated to everyone who has made it possible for me to help the breed closest to my heart.

Special Thanks

My sincerest thanks for your kind thoughts, gifts, and donations to the wonderful Goldens in need that have come to seek shelter, love and a new life. My special thanks also go out to those who have sent many donations and continue to support Midlands Golden Rescue. If I have inadvertently left someone out or did not spell a name correctly, please let me know so I can rectify this error and please forgive me.

Sheri Scarborough in memory of Jack, CanCH Starseeker’s Artful Dodger CDX CGC TDI
Cheryl Kenney 

MARCH 2006
Nancy Lambert in honor of Rosie’s 7th Gotcha Year

In honor of Susan Aspeotes  birthday buddy  of Linda Lawrie
In honor of Linda Lawrie birthday buddy of Susan Aspeotes
Sue Sharpe  (who Mary simply thinks that she is awesome!!)
Richard Cushman and Janet Cushman…
in memory of Janet who was always happiest when surrounded  by Goldens
Sheri Boots Scarborough in honor of Mary

MARCH 2008
Merri and Carl Schneider
Scott and Kelly Shockley
Sheila Gregory for Sultan's Heartworm Treatment
Martha Havens
Jamie Katsburg for Sultan's Heartworm Treatment
Jane Rouse Waddell
Max and Sibby Wood

JUNE 2008
●Tinamarie and Bryant Hinson
●Lynn Brogan
●Kristin Anderson
●Laura Baker
●Terry and Mark Gratton

JULY 2008
Special Thank You Letter from Mary for contributions in Memory of Hannah & Emma
●Big Thank you to Karen A. Kowaldki, DVM for sending several Care Boxes of goodies
    including collars, Leashes, Toys
●Maude Schiffley SPCA and its members for donations to help with Sultan's Heartworm
●Lynne Betty