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arolina from the midlands area.
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                                                Sam has been adopted and much loved by the

Parro Family

Please read Sam's story below.  He was in need of a lot of testing and vet care
to find out what was causing his skin issues.  Sam has now found his forever home and is doing well.  Every month Midlands Golden Rescue finds itself championing a golden in need.  Whether it's heartworm, skin issues, broken bones or whatever ails these dogs in need, we will not turn them down.  We are committed to doing our best to getting dogs like Sam healthy and into their forever homes.  Please support our cause by donating to Midlands Golden Rescue today!








Sam's Story

Sam is a very beautiful 4 year old boy. He is very blonde. He has a delightful personality. Right away even though he had never been around cats, he walked up to them and tried to suck up to them. He was very gentle. He is also very good with my other dogs, both my boy and my two girls. He is a very calm dog and quite affectionate. He is good with small children....lots of them at once!! <g> His current owner is now pregnant with their 6th child...This boy has the patience of Job! His current owner rescued him from someone who basically sold her a "bill of goods" down-playing his skin issues. At the time she adopted him he was on medication that was holding the issues at bay although not curing them. When they adopted him, they were totally in the dark as to how sick and in pain he truly was. His current family is very loving and cares deeply for him but has realized that his issues are so serious that they are not able to help him. I appreciated their honesty and admission to their limitations. They have done the best they could based on their circumstances.

Sam will not actually be up for adoption until we know what is wrong with him, have a handle on his illness, and have him in a much healthier condition. This may take some time and certainly will be costly. I will not place a dog until they are in a much healthier place and hopefully cured... But at least on the road to good health. I will not unnecessarily burden another trusting soul. Sam will be in a far better place health-wise before a new home is considered. Until that time, he will be staying with me personally. I will be very proactive regarding his diagnosis and recovery.
In the meantime we will gladly accept any donations that will help us get Sam to good health again. I will keep everyone updated on his progress.
Hug and cherish your dogs! 


I just found out that after diagnosing Sam and getting him back in good health, he has found his forever home!  Woo-Hoo!  I am so glad that this beautiful boy has a chance to be with a new family who will love him and keep him healthy!  -web designer









We have many more dogs in need of forever homes than are listed on our website. Please contact Mary Williams for details on additional golden retrievers in need of homes. Please be aware that the dogs described on our pages may or may not be best suited to your needs or may no longer be available by the time your application is received. Please trust that we will make every effort to find the right dog for you as we also strive to find the best "forever" home for our dogs in need. Also please come back and visit our page often. We try to keep the page updated as we get dogs into the Rescue. Feel free to also contact us periodically for a status on your application and the possible intake of a Golden Retriever that best meets your needs for a "forever" companion.