serves South Carolina from the midlands area. For more information contact:

Mary Williams
PO Box 3545
Columbia, SC 29230-3545

Midlands Wish List
Money is always important as heartworm treatment is expensive.  The approximate cost to treat an adult Golden Retriever for heartworm is $500.00. Roughly 75% of the dogs that come into rescue are heartworm positive and must be treated.
That does not include the costs of regular veterinary expenses which are done on all dogs that come into rescue. Nor does it include spay/neuter. And I am still trying to raise enough money to build a small kennel to house dogs temporarily until I can find foster homes.
However, there are always things that the rescue needs...these are just starters..if I think of more I will let you know.

Dog food (quality/Premium brands as these dogs need the best to get back healthy)

Frontline (Flea & Tick season is upon us!!!)

Interceptor (heartworm preventative)

Oti-cleans or other similar ear cleaning solutions

Shampoos (not flea/tick as we use Frontline on all the dogs) dog treats

New leashes and collars to put in a bag of goodies to take to new home. Nylon, cotton or leather...NO CHAINS! These need to fit an adult Golden Retriever (Approximately 16-20 inches)

Towels (larger type/bath size)

Bedding such as crate sized mats and bath sized mats

Crates (sizes about 36 x 24 to 42 x 24)

Toys and balls

Grooming supplies to send home in goodie bags for new owners - These should be brushes, metal combs, slicker brushes, nail clippers) I have plenty of my own to groom dogs here.

Bones (these need to be the type for dogs..either bones or knuckles)

Chew items


printer ink ( Cannon 30-31) black and color needed)