serves South Carolina from the midlands area. For more information contact:

Mary Williams
PO Box 3545
Columbia, SC 29230-3545


To place an order, please contact Mary Williams at

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Stay Warm this Winter!

  Golden Retriever Fleece Blanket

  A double layers of fleece, beautiful golden retrievers on one side,
  solid on other side,
  Measures 45" x 54"    - 

  Price - $45.00 (Plus Shipping)


Red Glitter Scrunchy Collar

Golden Retriever on white or
Assorted Color Paw Prints on white

fits size 6-11 women or 5-10 men,
75% Acrylic, 25% Nylon, made in the USA

Price - $8.95 per pair


Red Glitter Scrunchy Collar

Golden Retriever Socks!
Golden on light blue, Golden on natural or Golden on gray

fits size 9-11
cotton, nylon and spandex
made in the USA 

Price - $10.95 per pair


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Great for Shopping!


Tote Bag with embroidered Golden with duck in his/her mouth.
Comes in Denim, Hot Pink or Lime Green.

Price $12.00

Plus shipping




Show Your Love of Goldens!


Lots of Golden Bumper Stickers

16 different bumper stickers, each measure 9 x 3 3/4"   
Price -  $1.25 each

Choose from:

Golden Retriever Fan Club
I'd Rather Be Walkin' My Golden
I'm With the Golden
Adopt A Golden Today!
Golden A Life Long Companion
I (Heart) My Golden Retriever
The Golden Retriever A Friend For Life
Love Me Love My Golden
A Golden A Day Keeps the Blues Away
Best Friend
A Golden A Day Keeps the Smiles Comin'
Want To Go For A Walk?
Golden Rescue Parent
I Love My Golden
Golden My Best Friend
Golden Taxi




Every Penny Counts!

Wooden Golden Retreiver Bank
Measures 10-1/2" tall and 7 1/2" wide
coin drops in on right side and coins fill up stomach area 

Price -  $9.50 each


Temporarily out of stock

Bailey ByMySide
by Patricia Kennedy

To purchase this book for $15 plus $5 handling contact

The proceeds will go to Midlands Rescue.

"She taught me that insights come when we connect with our hearts; and that it's not the size of the house that matters, but the love that dwells within" .......Bailey Bymyside: Golden Lessons For Life

This book is a nonfiction/inspirational book. I can tell you that it not only inspired me but deeply moved me as well. This book is not just about a Golden, it is about the devotion of a dear companion for life. Any person who has had such love in their life can relate to this. Even several friends which I have shared this book with who don't own a dog, were touched and moved. I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I do. .......Mary Williams, founder of Midlands Golden Rescue who has loved many, many dogs in her life.

From the inside, front cover: "Bailey is a very special Golden Retriever. She is a dog with a heart of gold who constantly watches over her household, quietly monitoring comings and goings while keeping a vigil at the bottom of the stairs each night, until every one of her charges is safely at home and tucked into bed.

Bailey also teaches her people the virtues of patience and dedication. With quiet wisdom, she turns her attention to whoever will benefit the most from her compassionate brown eyes and wagging tail. In her own unassuming way, Bailey gives of her time and energy to lift the burdens of those around her. Bailey's most important lesson of all, however, is that simple mercies are reward enough - to both giver and recipient.

Written with warmth and intelligence, Bailey Bymyside is an uplifting story about the innate intelligence of dogs and limitless joy that they bring into our lives. Robert Christie's evocative illustrations perfectly capture Bailey's charming personality."

Post Script from Mary Williams....I recently received a note from Mrs. Kennedy regarding Bailey. I wanted to pass on a bit of her thoughts. First, you must be aware that Bailey had cancer and was fighting a most courageous battle.

".....Bailey let us know that she was ready to go----- and she died peacefully at home yesterday (January 23, 2001) with the help of her vet. While the days ahead will be difficult, I am so grateful for the 14 years we spent together."

..........For the Kennedy family, you will be in our thoughts and prayers....For Bailey.....Thank you for changing all of our lives and rest peacefully. Patiently for us at the Rainbow Bridge for one day we will meet and all cross together.   - mary


Show your support for rescue!

Show your support!  We have just made a big jump to raise money for the rescue. We now have an official logo and slogan. We have put it on a tee shirt and they are for sale.

I hope all of you will consider purchasing one. It will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe as well as good PR for the rescue.

The cost for them is $15.00 $12.00
plus shipping and handling.


Please make all checks payable to
Midlands Golden Rescue

If you have any questions, you can either contact me or Martha who is the chair of fund-raising. Also if you have any other great fundraising ideas or wish to volunteer to assist her, please let her know.

Tee white b.JPG (29544 bytes)     Tee Blue.JPG (34689 bytes)
Click on one of the above images for a larger view.

To place an order, please contact Mary Williams at

ALL Items Will Have Shipping Added.  Please contact Mary for Shipping costs.



We have 3 sizes of handmade crocks.  Crocks have various designs and are trimmed in blue with a gray stoneware background.

The 1 quart crock measures approximately 5 inches wide and tall.  It is perfect for kitchen utensils, a candle holder and of course, a dog treat holder.  It holds a large and medium size Yankee candle jar.  It has Golden Rescue above the paw print.  It sells for $27, plus shipping.

The pencil crock is approximately 4.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide.  It would make the perfect gift for the executive or busy household.  It can be used as a vase, a holder for pens/pencils, a kitchen utensil holder or dog treats.  It has Golden Rescue above the paw print.  It is priced at $15, plus shipping. 

The votive holder is perfect for the warm dog loving home.  It measures 2.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, a bit larger than the standard votive candle.  It holds a votive candle and has a paw print only on the center.  I have one on my desk holding paperclips.  It is priced at $6 for and the Tiny Votive is $4


Please make all checks payable to
Midlands Golden Rescue


The sign says it all!


Laser Engraved Wood Sign

Sign is 5 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches long
Sign says "Beware! Dog can't hold its licker.

Price is $20.00 - Plus Shipping and Handling










Attack a Jack, Crinkle Orb and the Barnyard Grunter Pig.

Only $6.50 ea







More Woobies

Merby Mobile (blue car), Scuba Monkey (yellow), Bright Star, Fazzaloo Long-Legged Lion, and Citrusss Snake (orange)

$3.50 each




Set of 4 Coasters $12.00 per set

You can choose from Golden puppy, full golden, and/or adult Golden Head. When ordering, please specify which 4 you would like.


Wipe Boards

Wipe Boards for leaving messages

Your choice of golden puppy, full golden, adult golden head or cat

$7.00 each
$11.00 each, including marker and stand.



For Everyday
and Holidays!

For Small/Medium Dogs - $2.50
For Large/XLarge Dogs - $2.75



Collars and Leads

Two tone Paw Print Collars and Leads

Ribbons with paw print design are sewn into durable nylon with reinforced stitching at stress points.

Collars have plastic, quick release buckles for easy, comfortable fit. Collars are 1" wide and adjust to fit necks 18 - 26". Cost is $9.00 and specify blue, black or pink.

Leads have heavy duty swivel snaps and are 6' long by 1" wide. Cost $12.00 - specify blue, black or pink.




Your choice of golden puppy with paw prints, paw prints, full golden with paw prints, adult golden head with paw prints, cat's meow, or butterfly.
$8.00 each

Please specify which trivet you want when you order.




Various prints and colors     $4.00 each
(please specify if you want a specific color)

Tissue Box Cover with Golden Retriever Patch   $7.00 each


To place an order, please contact Mary Williams at

ALL Items Will Have Shipping Added.  Please contact Mary for Shipping costs.


Throw Pillow

16" pillow with golden retriever on front $20.00 each.






Show Your Support
with Rescue Pins

Midlands Golden Rescue Pins
$5.00 ea

Generic Rescue Pins
"Every One Saved Makes a Difference"
$5.00 ea


Please make all checks payable to
Midlands Golden Rescue


Click on any image for an enlarged view

Placemats also available with these same pictures
for $4.75 ea

Note Cards
"Golden Moments" Note Cards

Each gift box contains six different photo cards of Goldens at play.

Cards are blank inside and individually signed by Photographer, Dave. (Proud owner of Matty, his Golden)

Individual cards - $2.25 ea
Box of 6 - $11.00

Please note, we are missing one photo of the cards at this time. 

Please make all checks payable to
Midlands Golden Rescue



Red Glitter Scrunchy Collar

Red Glitter Scrunchie

Made of bright red fabric with jingle bell accents at the tips. The elasticized design will comfortable fit necks 10" - 26".

Price - $6.00



New Item!

Red Glitter Scrunchy Collar

Zanies Heart Tugs
plush and rope toy, 6"
green says nice, red says naughty
each contains a squeaker
Price - $4.00 each

Zanies Naughty and Nice Tugs
strong rope tugs with a tennis ball at each end
tennis balls are printed with naughty and nice
Price - $3.50 each


New Item!

Red Glitter Scrunchy Collar

Zanies Holiday Pigs
8-3/4" plush pig with squeaker
please specify red or green

Price - $5.00 each


Christmas Woobies

Holiday Ring Santa 11 inches - $4.00

Holiday Ring Reindeer 11 inches - $4.00

Holiday Ring Snowman 11 inches - $4.00





Beautiful handmade lace ornament of an angel and dog.
In Gold, Blue or White - $5.00
Can also be used as a bookmark, given with a sympathy card or used on a keychain.


New Item!

Red Glitter Scrunchy Collar

Zanies Night Before Christmas Friends

7-1/2" plush Reindeer, Santa or Snowman peeking over moon
each contains a squeaker

Price - $4.50 each


To place an order, please contact Mary Williams at

ALL Items Will Have Shipping Added.  Please contact Mary for Shipping costs.